God’s word brings life

Over one million Jews died at the destruction of Jerusalem — another 97,000 were carried away as slaves! Yet not one Christian lay slain in the streets. Why?

A Tale of Two Cities

You want to charge Hell with a squirt gun? I’m there, but I’m not going to run past those faithfully soaking the city with high caliber firehouses. That’s simply absurd!

Embracing arrogance

The arrogant say to the arrogant, “You’ve offended me.” The humble say to the arrogant, “We’ve offended God.”

The tension of a confessional life

If those who are designed to be confessional in life begin to be supressional in life, Christianity becomes absent from the world they were designed to occupy…

Shapes and shadows

I wish I had the answers to all of this and the many stories I’ve heard and realities I’ve experienced since I’ve been in missions and church planting here in Minnesota. I don’t, but here are a few things I’ve learned: