How to find joy in Church planting


Church planting can be one of the most challenging realities a person ever experiences. While it is challenging, you can make certain to maintain appropriate joy in the midst of your journey as a planter by keeping three things in perspective…

1- Jesus’ Story — It may seem like common sense that a planter should proclaim the reality of Jesus Christ, but I’m not entirely sure that is always a working and practical reality in the life of the planter. Christ says to Peter that the building and success of the church is His business, that is Jesus’ business (Matt. 16:15-19). Too many planters believe it’s their business entirely.

2- Your Story — No one else can do exactly what you can, in the way you can, to who you can, how you can. This isn’t some prosperity pep talk. This is the reality that God has designed you in a specific way. Too many planters are set on replicating something other than what they have been designed to create. Be who you are, where you are.

3- The Neighborhood’s Story — What do you know about your city? What manifestation of the need for redemption plagues your neighborhood, city, or state? What’s the makeup of your neighborhood? If you are trying to give your city something you want it to have rather than what it needs, you will likely experience the depths of futility. If the church doesn’t speak into culture, who will? The answer is that many will, and they’ll come to a lot of wrong conclusions.

In the center of stress and difficulty, joy is the light that warms hope to all. Know and be true to Jesus’ Story, your Story, and your city’s story…


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