Work is an impossible gift

God’s command to Adam, Eve, and their posterity to fill the world with the Glory of God is at its core what we have come to know as work. If you’ve ever wondered what need was there to even seek for an advantage to complete the task given by God, then you understand precisely why Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the Garden. They were not seeking a desirable wisdom “just because”. In so doing, what they were attempting to achieve well for God, by achieving it without God, made it entirely impossible. They, and we, were designed to reflect the glory of God, not to be the glory ourselves. In fact, in exchanging his glory for our own, we make the work impossible. The spread of God’s glory would now be tainted and impossible from the Garden until Christ. God gives a garden promise that the work would again be possible some day, when his son would crash into the Kingdoms of the world in the 1st century setting up an everlasting Kingdom, indwelling His people to make the impossible work of God’s spreading glory, possible once again. This is a whole life issue. This isn’t simply a “conversion” issue or an “evangelism” issue. This is a matter of existence for the Christian. We are called, commissioned, and empowered to make disciples of the world so that the glory of God fills the world as was intended. We spend half of our awake lives at work. To segregate our work from our life’s call to make disciples is artificial and leads to deep dissatisfaction in all of life. Displaying the glory of God at work isn’t an option, it is what we are designed and redeemed to do.


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