My Dear Wormwood, regarding their so-called “mission”

My Dear Wormwood,

Your anxiety from your previous letter is quite alarming. Don’t misunderstand, I too am alarmed by the insistence and, though I hate to admit it, great deal of success in spreading their mission across the world. There’s reason for hope, all is far from lost. You must make certain that their mission is muddled with a zealousness that out-paces their Theology. Allow them their mission to a degree, but critical to our mission is that they stumble along making sense of their mission and cooperating together. You’ve obviously been listening because you have done well there, though I feel they’ve realized and are making corrections. Play to the urgency of their mission. It is urgent for them, no doubt, but you must ensure their urgency creates a panicked unthoughtfulness coupled with a deep lack of foresight. That will certainly work to slow things just enough, but that isn’t the real issue. Grant them their, as they say, Global missions, so long as they never consider themselves within that globe. This may sound confusing nephew, but you must believe me. Allow them to go to the nations, but pay close attention nephew, you must never allow them to realize that the nations have come to them. What tragedy for us if you do. Though I hesitate even thinking of such a possible failure on your part. If, and I’m sure it will not, but if they realize the nations have come to them and turn their sights on their neighbor, you must not ever allow them to close the loop. They mustn’t ever, at any cost, be allowed to close the loop and send the nations that have come to them, back to the nations they are so desperate to reach. We would incur an insurmountable and mortal wound. Nephew, it’s really quite simple, and I’m certain you are up for the task. I look forward to hearing of the progress you’ve made in keeping their eyes directed away from the nations next door.

Your affectionate uncle, SCREWTAPE


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