Why Send Twin Cities Network?

What makes Send Network here in the Twin Cities unique in the world of planting?

As an endorsed planter with Send Network Twin Cites, you will receive at no cost to you:

  1. Enrollment in our Flourish women’s cohort for your wife
  2. Simeon Trust Preaching conference to develop your preaching
  3. Simeon Trust ministry of the word training for your wife
  4. Lunch outings for planter wives quarterly
  5. 3 Send Minneapolis planter date nights downtown every year
  6. 5 Private Lunches with proven leaders in church planting every year
  7. Annual Marriage retreat downtown every year
  8. Partner Development program giving you access to over 45,000 of our churches nationwide
  9. Training Leaders International year-long cohort for immigrant/international planters
  10. 3 free sessions of Biblical Counseling
  11. Annual Coaches training and coach connection for both planter and wife
  12. Church planter pipeline program for growing indigenous leaders
  13. Church planter orientation at NAMB
  14. Connection into our planter support ministry
  15. Annual missions teams access
  16. Potential Iron Man Scholarship to allow for completion of your masters.
  17. Discounts to our 6 seminaries
  18. Easy and immediate access to dedicated field staff
  19. Annual pastor and pastor’s wives retreat at Green Lake
  20. Potential grant helping to underwrite your personal funds
  21. Potential grant helping your church purchase tangible assets
  22. 4 Send Network Fellowships enabling you to connect with other church planters
  23. Multiply 2 Movement annual training
  24. Access to partner scholarships for our annual Catch the vision tour highlighting your church plant
  25. Plant with a network of pastors committed to mission and doctrine
  26. University equivalent online training for Hispanic/Latino pastors
  27. Potential access to three missionary properties around the Twin Cities
  28. The Habit of Asking fundraising training in connection with Thrivent
  29. Contracted neighborhood mapping through mapping center
  30. Annual planter family picnic with professional photos

How and who do we endorse?

1- Complete our assessment tools

2- Attend one of our appropriate assessment paths

3- Complete any further development required

  • Note: We do not endorse any church planter without a local sending church or critical supporting church endorsement. As an endorsement, the sending church agrees to walk with the potential planter throughout the endorsement process including attending our assessment retreat, follow-up, and nurturing unto sustainability as a minimum requirement. 

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