Shapes and shadows

I wish I had the answers to all of this and the many stories I’ve heard and realities I’ve experienced since I’ve been in missions and church planting here in Minnesota. I don’t, but here are a few things I’ve learned:

Let them come

In 1000 years, when Islam bellows from the ashes, what it will lament most is ever setting foot on gospel saturated North American soil. Let them come. BY JOSHUA WHETSTINE – NORTH AMERICAN MISSION BOARD CITY MISSIONARY FOR MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL.   

Reorienting toward a kingdom vision

When you plant a church you are thrusting a geographic stake in the ground and proclaiming those promises of Christ to be real and visible.

Why I’m Southern Baptist

May Southern Baptists, as the tip of the kingdom spear, pierce deep into the darkness at the expense of our own lives to the glory of God. May we gaze unflinchingly deep into the eyes of culture. The sword was fashioned by giants before us. Now we wield, and when the kingdom of darkness presses in, our 45,000+ shield wall tethers to God’s word. That’s why I’m SBC…

3 musts for a church planter

Biblical saturation is a person that is soaked in accurate life motivating truths of scripture. Its not just knowing a lot of bible. There are a number of goofy Theologians that know a lot of bible.

Stop justifying your singleness

For very good reasons, we’re all desperately trying to do what’s right in a situation that seems to cause the deepest of tensions.

Regaining faithful patience

At a feverish pace we drink wildly from the hose of our hurry up and go culture. We barrel headlong through a schedule that’s managing us, not even realizing that we are losing more than this day and that day, we are losing what makes us human. Regaining faithful patience is long overdue. Patience is…